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MC Maitreya Tattoo Design

12 New valentine tattoos

Tired of overpaying for custom tattoos?
Second Skin Tattoos is the solution!
A large collection of tattoos in store
Color tat, Adult tat, funny tats, etc

Tattoo huds

Need a mark or brand for your slave?

Join the long list of happy satisfied people.

Designing Since 2007

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Revenge 6 action adventure book

#secondlife #book

They thought they were untouchable
He would prove them wrong
even if it kills him

88 pages of action and adventure!

Now available on #marketplace
Happy reading:)

If you enjoy the story leave a review on marketplace
I would appreciate it tremendously


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Are you into the Neko scene?

#secondlife Are you into the Neko scene?

I have just made the Neko Nook available:)

For the Adult version click here.

If nudity offends, you try this version 🙂

Either way you pick they come with great items
It’s a complete Nook, PURRRRRRFECT to play in:)
Get your PAWS on one now!
Thank you for your support

MC’s Things & Stuff
Creating for the fun of it since 2007!

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MC’s Things & Stuff

I am currently moving all my products to marketplace so far 317 items are available and I’m adding more
daily. Just in time for your xmas shopping 🙂

If you are a Rocky Horror Picture Show fan you gonna love this:)

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You are invited to our very first dinner and a show:)

Saturday August 5th 7 pm

We are proud to feature the vocal styling of:
Scarlett LaRoux is a performer currently living in the Carolinas in the USA. With all the class of a southern belle, and all of the sass of a typical farmer’s daughter, Scarlett performers her music with a sense of strong but stubborn elegance that you simply will not find elsewhere.

Growing up in the south, Scarlett started singing at the tender age of 5, and would likely stop breathing long before she ever stopped singing. She is so moved by music, that she was able to sing as a Lorelei – a 13 member female a cappella singing group – and traveled up and down the east coast. She has also performed with and directed many a cappella gospel groups while developing a rich, emotional sound.

Because Scarlett subscribes to the theory that music is a gift of a kind of language, she has been inspired by some of the most gifted women in music from Ella Fitzgerald and Whitney Houston, to Barbra Streisand and Skeater Stephens. To Scarlett, singing is breathing, and breathing is living!

Our tables features full food and drinks menu to make your date even more romantic
Then I will be taking the stream for your dancing pleasure Hop on our dance ball and
choose from 50 most romantic dances

You could win 1000L$

See you there:)

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