New story The Saboteur

Set in occupied France in 1941 a saboteur is parachuted in France.
Enjoy! leave a comment:)

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New poem added

I added another poem 🙂
Feel free to comment on it or on the stories:)\

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New short story added

Halloween at Hades Estate

Hope you like this one… ehehehe
Happy reading if you dare….

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New story added

The Darkening a spooky story just in time for Halloween:)
I wrote the original story in 2009 took the opportunity to freshen it a bit:)
Enjoy but remember I am not responsible or liable for nightmares lol

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Indoor Gardening why?

In todays world having a safe source of food is a must.
But beyond that we all seen the price of food climb steadily for the last 5 years
to the point that it’s getting nearly impossible for poor people to have access to
healthy food. Look around at the grocery store. The stuff that’s affordable is mass
produce junk you can hardly call “food”.

So called frankenfood are the norm these days and come complete with a long list of
additives, preservatives, flavor enhancers, unhealthy sugars and that’s just what we
are aware of.

So I embarked on a project to see what vegetable and herb can be grown in a small space.
My initial space is 6 ft long 6 ft high 1 ft deep. which can fit even small apartment.
The intention being giving poor people access to healthy, safe and relatively cheap food.

The first problem I encountered was securing heirloom seeds in sufficient varieties.
I will have to resort to ordering online which will add to the cost. If you have some extra
heirloom seeds you would like to share see “donations and projects” section of this site.

I will be posting results on my you tube channel Please specify if you wish to remain anonymous
I am one to give credit where credit is due:) and I would not want to infringe on your privacy.

The first video should be posted in mid November:)then will be posting other videos on the results of various attempt to grow various seeds as they become available. Right now the first video will include spinach, green beans, yellow beans, various lettuces and salad greens, sweet cherry tomatoes, cloned beefsteak tomatoes, kale, minowase radishes, potatoes, for herbs cilantro, rosemary and chives.

Anxious to discover exactly what yields the best results both for harvest quantities and ease of growth.
Also discover as many short “seed to harvest” growth time as possible. Keep in mind that over time
prices of seeds are bound to rise but they still remain reasonable even small packets of seed costing
under 2$ still contain between 25 to over a hundred seeds depending on varieties.

Many heirloom seeds vanished in the last 50 years. It is of vital importance to start saving as many
as possible and ensure that viabilities and varieties are preserved and shared widely.

In conclusion, I hope that this experiment will prove that anyone can duplicate what I do. I don’t have
a so-called green thumb nor am I an expert. Far from it lol. I’m just trying to help people feed themselves with good food safe and healthy:) without going broke or eating crap!

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