A Slow Relentless Apocalypse

As a teen I was so hip to the world out
there, I was part of something big! Bring
peace to the planet with love and music.

I wonder how I could be so lucid and yet
being hopeful to the point of naivety.
Ah youth!

A slow relentless apocalypse

Time shows the more it changes the worst
It gets…The naivety has gone I am left
with a treasure trove of music all the
decade with the music that marked my

A soundtrack to observe the slow
apocalypse we are engaged in

Why has no one has explained how they
gonna clean our oceans?
From the FUK U SHIMA Plant that’s been
flushing its radiation in the ocean by
the tons ever since the accident years

Nuclear seafood doesn’t sound appetizing
when will you go shopping with a Geiger

A slow relentless apocalypse

Look up the price of food 5 years ago and
apply it to the next 5 years! See any
changes in the near future? I thought so!

A slow relentless apocalypse

How could I imagine a world where the
content of a someone urine is more
important then their competency and

A slow relentless apocalypse

A Orwellian (google Orwell 1984) society
Where rights are no longer respected.

They bemoaned the lack of respect for the
law as they actively flaunt the law.

A slow relentless apocalypse

Are we heading for another dark age?
The science deniers abound. Meanwhile…
The glaciers are melting, sea is rising,
the predicted consequences are here now
extreme weather.
“But it’s a hoax! we had nothing to do with it!”
Who cares who or what causes it?
STOP IT! Is the answer,

A slow relentless apocalypse

But the music is still there and we gonna
need it!

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