Halloween at Hades Estate

It was a cool, windy autumn evening, the darkness is
setting earlier.The street are alive with tiny monsters,
ghosts, goblins and the latest popular heroes.

They go from doors to doors awash in excitement and anticipation
of the treats they will get at the next house. Parents are hard
pressed to keep up with those fast little legs and not lose track
of their rightful costumed children.

Chuck’s kids were no different, they had gobbled down their supper
in record time and were clamoring to go get their share of the
candy bounty that awaited them out there.

“Ok! Ok! alright you three, make sure your got your flash lights,
alright, they all work! Everyone in the car!”

It was as if a whirlwind landed, three small screaming figures headed
for the car screaming and hollering their joy.

By the time he sat behind the wheel and inserted the key in the
ignition they were already belted in their seat bragging who will
get the most candy.

In his rear view mirror the reflective strip of their costumes
was a little distracting so he would have to use the side mirrors
he pulled out of the driveway onto the road.

It was only a ten minute drive to the village,but to the kids an
eternity, “I hope we wont be too late!” Said the 6 years old behind
her mask.

“Relax… just a few minutes more, we got plenty of time” Admonished
Chuck, smiling as he remembered his own impatience at their age.
They entered the village and Chuck parked the car in the church
parking lot.

“Hold it! We all stay together remember the safety procedures we talked
about!” Said chuck as they exited the car.

“Let’s go on Oak street first” said the eight years old Tim

“No ‘Rickson street” said the five years old Tabatha who can’t seem to
remember, its Derickson street.

“Let’s start on main street” said dad.

“Whatever!” Said Jack the 9 years old big brother “Let’s get started!”

They went up one block then crossed the street and came back the other
side, repeated street after street. Chuck was cursing inwardly the cold
wind that seems to permeate through his parka.

By the time he round them up and herded back to the car, Chuck was
shivering and he put the heat on high trying to get warm, chilled
to the bone as he was he wondered if he would ever get warm.

The kids were comparing their hoards of candy talking or more to the
point nearly shouting at their discoveries in the pillow cases their
mother let them use.

He decided to drive over to the “Smart” outlet the fast food chain at
the edge of the village and went to the drive through window and got
a large coffee and three pop for the kids.

He had just left the village and saw the illuminated billboard announcing
“Hades Estates, Retirement community” with a banner across proclaiming
“Only 3 units left!”

It was a new development about 2 miles over, 30 houses on small lots.
they drove until he heard “Wow! Look at that! Can we stop pleeeasee!”
“Yah dad just one more stop here”

The whole place was illuminated with torches planted at regular
intervals all the house were decorated with all manners of Halloween
favorites. This community had spent a bundle for the occasion he
thought as he pulled in the development.

Ahead many had done the same things as there were cars everywhere and
kids running and screaming at every house. Some of the retiree where
dressed in costume and smiling and laughing seemingly having a great
time themselves. Joking with the kids has they handed out treats.

Some waved at him as he waited on the sidewalk for the kids to return.
The torches shed a flickering golden lights on everything and making
shadows dances on the facade of the decorated houses.

That’s when Chuck first noticed that the wind had lost it’s biting
cold and he was now quite comfortable or maybe it was the strong
coffee in his hand. He shrugged it off and realised his kids were
two houses over so he started to catch up with them.

As he reached the second house they were at the third one, he could
hear them screaming “trick or treat! Trick or treat!” As they rang
the doorbell.

That’s when he noticed there were children at all the doors but none
was opening he looked around and thought it was odd. All the parents
looked at each others, and all the doors opened at once and the
children seemed to be sucked in the houses in an instant.

And the houses vanished simultaneously! He was stunned as the houses
vanished just as a devilish laugh was heard and they found themselves
on an abandoned construction site.

A sign remained where the house had been, it said:

“This site close for bankruptcy”

All the parents were trampling around in the mud unbelief, anger,
sorrows. All the emotions they rightfully expressed but nothing
could explain the disappearance of 31 kids or how they could have
seen houses where only a construction site existed…

The police took reports and investigated what they could but nothing
came of it. The children vanished and where never found…

So happy Halloween, and stay the hell out of Hades Estate!!!

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