Killer Ghost?

Killer GHOST?

“Tell us again.” Said the detective.

“I was doing my usual round, nothing out of the ordinary, was going on, all was quiet. I had just finished the top floor when I decided to check the east staircase, I do one every round so I visit each one twice during my shift. This was my 2 A.M. round so it was my first time on the east one.”

“At what time was it patrolled before you?”

“I would have to see the report of the previous guard” I answered the detective handed the report pad to me. It did not help, the guard was new and all he put in his report is the time and “Nothing to report.”

“I guess you will have to ask him, But if he did his job right I would say 8 or 10 P.M. but I could be wrong.”

“So anyway you are going down the steps?”

“Yeah. You know sometimes people leave cans and stuff, and if an emergency evacuation should occur people could trip. As I was saying, when I got to the 9th floor I found a garbage bag, right in the middle of the steps. So I reach down to move it out-of-the-way. That bag was heavy that struck me as unusual.”

“Why is that?” Asked the detective.

“Around here all you find are papers, empty coffee mugs, nothing heavy. As I moved the bag I noticed a dark red liquid at first I thought it was ink, that’s when the hand poked trough the bag. My heart skipped. So I entered the floor and called from the first phone I found, then I went down to wait for you guys.”

“But when you guys got here and we reached the 9th floor the bag was gone, but you saw the blood on the steps. That’s creepy, I tell you that much.”

“Why is that?”

“Because we are alone in the building that’s why.” There are motion detectors everywhere, every access need a special cards this is a top security system. The very best I’ve seen. The interrogator 5000, confirmed it, everybody that came in since midnight last night had left when I came on shift.”

I looked at the detectives, “You can’t opened any doors without it registering on the console here.” I pointed at the main terminal.

“Are you saying a ghost did it.” Asked the detective sarcastically.

“What I am saying is, that he might as well have been, but you are the detective, you’re the one who has to figure it out.”

I was getting a little miffed at his innuendos and sarcasm.

“Actually, I am surprised you did not ask the obvious question.”
I said with a smirk.

“What question is that?” Asked the Inspector.

“What was In the bag? It was a rich woman in her forties I would say.” I answered.

“I thought you said you did not look in the bag?” asked the detective.

“I did not have too, that hand is etched permanently in my brain.”

“What makes you think she was rich?”

“She had rings on nearly every fingers, and an expensive watch.” and from the skin I would guess she was in her forties.”

“You’re a jewelry expert I suppose?” asked the cop.

I took is hand looked at his wedding band. “Not bad, 14K gold with inlaid diamond chips, you probably paid around $700 for it and that watch set you back, what 70 bucks? as for the other ring it’s a school ring, around $50 for that one. We are not all idiot contrary to what the media suppose and what you assume.”

“So where is the body?” asked the detective.

“Well, now, That’s what you are here to find out. I will be glad to assist you in any way I can.” I replied smiling.

“I’m sure you are. Anyway we sent blood sample to the lab it better be human cause if it’s some frigging stunt you are trying to pull I’ll haul your ass to county.”

“Detectives,” I said “What language, tsk,tsk, what would your mother say?”

“Leave her out of this, O.K, we will check with missing persons and see if any fit your description. Anything else?”

“This is just a hunch but I have a feeling the body is still here some where. Could we not organise a search?”

“You know the man power that would be needed to search a tower this size?” Replied the inspector. “Unless…” He picked up the phone. He talked for a few minutes.

“We’re in luck, the K-9 unit is available.” Said the detective “you realise that from what you told us your are a prime suspect?”

“I doubt that very much” I answered “First you have to find the body then find a connection then a motive…”

“Smart ass, You are a lawyer too?”

“2 years in law school but I changed my options and went to philosophy where I got a Ph. D. Then I went into police technique then following that I got a master in psychology, and now I am getting a b.a. in humanities and god knows after that…”

“Shit, a room full of diploma and you work as security guard?”

“It’s honest work, and it give me plenty of time to study.”

The detective stayed silent as he shook his head. He simply could not believe it. “Me, I would be working in some fancy university for an outrageous salary.”

“Money is not everything, the knowledge is what I seek. Beside I am not exactly poor, My books bring in some decent royalties, and I have some investment. Like I said I took this job for the time it gives me.”

The detectives looked at his watch, on the screen I saw the K-9 arrive. “They are here.”

We took them to the 9th floor where the bag was last seen. The dog sniffed around the blood stained steps. Then he went for the door of the tenth floor. I used my security card to give them access.

The dog followed the corridor lined with offices on both side. The dog stopped at a trap on a wall, scratched it and sat down.

“What’s in there?” asked the detective.

“That’s a crawl space for electrician and plumbing.” I said as I got my army knife out and began to unscrew the trap.

There it was, the bag and it’s macabre content. The dog sniffed the bag and barked. He then headed down the corridor to the door of the east staircase. Again I used the card to gain access the dog began climbing steps.

“How can he go trough all these doors without the console knowing it?” I asked not expecting an answer and got none.

The dog stopped at the door to the twelfth floor. “What’s on this floor?” Asked the Inspector.

“The computers and telecommunication.” I opened the door and the dog went halfway down the corridor and stopped at a door and growled. Both police officer drew their weapon and placed themselves on either side of the door then the Inspector called out.

“You in there come on out with your hands up.”

The dog barked but nothing could be heard behind the door.

“This is your last chance come out now or we let the dog in after you.”

There was a shuffling sound then. “All right, I’m coming out don’t shoot, I’m not armed.”

WE heard the click of the door being unlocked then the door handle turned and the door opened a crack. “You holding on to that dog?”

“Yes, come on out, he won’t hurt you.” replied the K-9 officer.

The man came out he was trembling and his eyes where full of fear as he looked at the dog. The Inspector had the man against the wall and searched him before putting the cuffs on him.

“Why did you kill her?” Asked the inspector.

“She was blackmailing me.”

“Fine, you are under arrest, you have the right to an attorney…”

The inspector read him his right. But he was anxious to rid his conscience of that crime. He never stopped talking as we took him down to the security office where the Inspector called the coroner.

As it turn out, the lady had blackmailed him over some illicit kinky sex and he got tired of paying “The well ran dry” as he put it.

He was trying to get the bag to the garage when he noticed it was pierced so he went back up to get another. That’s when I found it, while I went down to call the police he moved it.

Being the company computer expert it had been child play to reprogram the computer so that is movement would be undetected.

Becoming a cross between a ghost and the invisible man.

Without the dog we would not have found him. And when the building would have reopened he would have melted with the crowd and would have gotten away with it…

When the coroner arrived the inspector took his prisoner out “I never have any luck.” said the man as he exited the building.

I took the coroner to the ninth floor as I thought of all the paper work I would have to fill out now… Oh, Well that’s the job…

The end
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