The Darkening (Conlusion)

Mary watch as people began to arrive for their convention, they all looked affluent.
At least they had all the trappings, fancy cars and fancy clothes and expensive jewelry.
They had been polite to her but there was something….Something, she could not exacty
define in the way they looked at her.

She dismissed it has snobbery, perhaps they viewed her as an invader in their world
of luxury. She either stayed in her room and spent times in the garden by the water
fountain and pond. Watching birds and other creatures interacting with the man made
copy of nature.

The garden was really the only thing she envied the rich people. This, she could really
used after a hard day at work. But then again it would only be good for a few months
during summer. Unless she moved to Florida or California then maybe she could find
a place with a little yard she could transform.

Dreams! Well the more she tought about it she realised it was not so far fetched…
She would have to look into it when she returns home.
The professor and Mark where deep in conversation when Father Oscura walked in
“Ah! Father any news?” Asked the professor

“One of my assistant found something interesting, In the early records
there is mention of that room it reports that a creature was buried there
that unleashed terrible havoc on the people.” The good Father took a deep breath
“They found what was originaly a small temple more like a keep actualy
and that the started bulding around it what has become the vatican.”

“But what the creature was there is no description other than the “manlike”
description I already had found, There was a cast of people dedicated to guarding
it from “cradle to grave” meaning they spent their whole life making sure
the creature remained buried.”

After a short pause “Nothing else has been found so far! I am no further along
then I was last time we met unfortunately.” Was his conclusion.

“We still have not made any head ways in identifying the unknown elements
in the blood except, an excellent observation from Mr.Ferguson, that they were
related to captors for DNA but we have not had time to truly test the theory”

Shortly after supper Mary felt unusualy tired so she decided to have a nice bath,
put on her night shirt and got in bed to read the book she had found in the villa’s
library. One of the few written in English some kind of spy thrillers.

But before long her eyes got heavier and she yawned she reached over and turned
off the lamp and drifted off to sleep.

The full moon rose slowly across the Roman sky in the small room, the
moon beam inched it’s way across the floor. As the cold moonlight hit
the stone it glowed fiercely and spread to all corners and hummed.

Below the man creature rose and stood directly under the shaft of light.
POWER!Yes! More! More, The energy invaded it’s body every cell became
alive powerful!

Slowly he raised his arms and red lightning crawled along the walls as
he did, crackling and pulsating with raw evilish energy.

Soon he was filled with the reddish beams intensity and he brought his arms
above his head the returned energy was more than the crystal could bear
and the feedback energy exploded from it to the lesser stones and the floor
melted away.

Taking with it the creature back to some hell only the shattered piece of crystal
would know where.. If they could talk these insignicant shards of glass crumbling
under the feet of the investigators. trying to figure out what had happened.

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