The Saboteur PT 3

The atmosphere around him was oppressing. From his cage he observed that a soldier painted
a big yellow star of David on the back of prisoners clothing, before putting them in the cage
to his left. The jews of France where designated “For special handling” Whatever that meant!

About an hour later, a soldier came and gave each of the man in his cage an identity card,
and pointed ahead. cards in hand they walked along a corridor until they reached a door
with more soldier. Who checked each cards before letting the people through and after checking his
he found himself outside. Free! With a sigh of relief he quickly headed back to the village
which was a good 5 miles walk.

It was a strange sight to him seeing all these people on both side of the road. But for them who
had witnessed the convoys of refugee of the prewar it was just another day in occupied France.
He was about half way there when a car pulled up beside him. It was Mado! Bless her heart.

She told him that after the raid, she had gone to the gendarmerie, and the police officer directed
her to the Gestapo office on Rue des Rosiers. There they told her everyone had been taken to the
arena for identification. She had driven by me and had to turn around to come back and picked
him up.

He leaned over and kissed her cheek and said “Thank you!”

“When we get back you better be doing a lot better than that wimpy kiss” She said.

He looked at her and smiled, that confident knowing smile she expected.


The whole ordeal turned out to be rewarding, his fake identification
was now an official German issued identification.

He was supposed to move out today, he was standing on the little porch of
the cabin and took a decision he walked over to the office.

“Do you have a monthly rate? I want to rent it for a year.”

Mado smiled as she said “We do now!”

They discussed it and agreed on a fair deal for the cottage and meals
whenever he is there.

There was a silence, heavy with unspoken thoughts, “Listen,” he said

“This war makes it impossible for me to make a commitment, No matter
how I feel for you. I have to travel and be free of movement. I will
disappear for weeks at a time then return here. Then leave again.Today
made it perfectly clear, anyone can disappear at any time.”

She tried to say something but he looked into her eyes and placed a
finger to her lips gently and continued.

“I can promise I will be here every chance I get, and if what we feel
for each other survives the war then by all mean I will be ready for
the commitments”

She stood up, her eyes were watery, tried to say something but simply
hugged him. Real tight, she kissed him, a kiss infused with her emotional
approval. She loves him and she knows he does too.

He’s not fooling her she knows he is not what he seems. She just had
an instinct about people. She knew better than ask direct questions.
When the time is right he will reveal himself to me.


He left for about two weeks he told her and he made his way to Paris.
On the way, he mentally noted a dozen possible targets. She was right,
the Germans had defaced Paris with their giant banners hiding centuries
old architectures. Their bunkers like, prevention measures where a constant
reminder they were in control.

This late in 1941 it seems they had conquered Europe easily. strengthening
their belief they were the Master race destined to enslave the world.
They forgot that in the word belief there is the word LIE!

As he parked his car, down the block he saw a huge transport truck. Three
soldiers where replacing a flat tire. When they opened the back to put
the damaged tire in, he saw it was loaded with crates of ammunitions.

The soldiers shook hands and one went inside the building while the other
two entered the cab. He decided to follow them awhile. They left Paris
and entered a major road he stayed well back.

About an hour later they pulled over at a roadside restaurant they parked
the truck and went inside. He parked his car on the spot next to the driver
side. He took a quick look inside the cab and saw a clipboard on the seat.

He read it then quickly return to his car and looked at the map. They still
had a three-hour drive to their depot and his timers had a one hour maximum delay.
He cursed his bad luck and was feverishly thinking about making use of this

Suddenly he had an inspiration, He backed away and parked behind the restaurant.
He walked back to the front and he got in the truck. He found the keys
on the visor. Taking a deep breath he started the truck, just then another
truck pulled in front of the window hiding him. The man was making a delivery.

Quickly he shifted into gear and drove off, at the next junction he turned north.
It was a slow climb and the heavy truck labored to make the grade. As he crested
the top he smiled.

There at the bottom of a hill on his left was a German fuel depot. He knew
the chain link fence was no match for this heavy truck and it’s load.

He stopped and made sure there was nothing down the slope to hinder the truck.
Just tall grasses as far as the fence. Quickly he took out a small charge and
set the timer for 3 minutes.

he then set the truck on its way and jumped out of the truck. He ran across the
road and up the field to a line of trees. Out of breath he crouched by a tree
just as the truck pushed through the fence and careening madly hit a tank
and kept going. Fuel poured out of the breached tank and the truck continued on
and hit another. He was not sure if it was the collision or the explosive.

But the explosion blew him to the ground. A great ball of fire reached for the sky.
Suddenly the fuel caught fire and tanks began to blow one after another.
He decided he better not stick around and walked eastward he should make the village
in about ten minutes.

From there find a ride back to his car.


He emerged from the woods unto a small road and saw a garage. He saw people
looking at the sky, the giant cloud of the burning oil of the fuel depot.
A fire truck was rushing to the scene.

He entered the garage and a man entered after him. “Can I help you?”

“My car broke down at the “halte des voyageurs” Restaurant on the main
road.” He answered.

The man looked at him then said;

“We better go take a look at it come with me.”

He called out to the mechanic that he was leaving for a while. To Antoine’s
surprise a woman’s voice answered it was alright. They left the garage
and the man took him to a tow truck that had seen better days.

The truck may had looked old and beat up but the engine roared into life
immediately. Inside the seats were pure leather and comfortable.

The man smiled at him “I recovered the seat from a Rolls Royce that got
totalled 6 years ago, this seat was the only thing that survived the crash.”

When they arrived at the restaurant the place was crawling with Germans.
They were interrogating the customers about the stolen truck.

“I am parked behind the restaurant” He said to the driver.

No sooner had they parked the tow truck. The old man jumped out grabbed
His tool box and opened the hood. Two Germans approached them “What is going on here?”

“I don’t know we just got here” He said.

“No. I mean what are you doing” Replied the german officer.

“He’s fixing my car. Why?”

“There was a military truck stolen from here”Said the officer with anger
in his voice.

“It must have been while I was getting the truck sorry”

“Ok try starting it now,” Said the man under the hood.

He excused himself and entered the car started the ignition and to his
surprise the engine groaned and resisted.

“Let me try this hang on” said the man under the hood. A few moments later
he heard “Try again!”

This time the engine started and he gunned the engine a few time. Making
the engine roar louder and louder. The old man closed the hood and wiped
his hand with a greasy rag.

The Germans left.

“How did you know?” He asked the old man.

“When I saw you come out of old Simeon’s land, I knew something was up.”

“How much do I owe you?” He said reaching for his wallet.

“Never mind I was glad to help put one over those occupiers” The old man
returned to his truck and waved as he left.

He got back in his car and drove around the restaurant and slammed on the brakes.

Ahead two soldiers with machine guns pointed at him motioned for him to stop.
Another open his door and told him to get out. They searched the car
Again that officer came to him. “Your papers please?”

He handed over the identity card he was given. The officer looked surprised
when he saw it he read it asked a couple of questions then said “Open the trunk.”.

They searched it too, then the officer handed him his identification card.
“Drive carefully!” And he signalled the soldier to follow him. Relieved he got
in the car and drove away.

He decided to return to Mado and the lake for a few days.


Colonel Erik Krüger, 46, was the symbolic Aryan stereotype. Tall with
blue eyes and a headful of blond hair. He got out of the car, adjusted his
the tunic of his uniform.

He wore the SS death head emblems with pride and arrogance.The guards came crisply to attention.
He walked in the occupation force headquarter in Paris. He was a man on a mission.
Germany’s top anti sabotage expert.

He walked in the commanders office unannounced and over the protest of the efficient
secretary. “Colonel Kruger, I am here to solve your problem.” He announced.

“Problem? What problem?” Exclaimed Major Brunner. A Luftwaffe officer.

“You have had a rash of unexplained sabotage heir Major, Berlin sent me
to put a stop to them.” Saying that he handed over a letter to the Major.

The letter enjoined hm to give the bearer all help and support the colonel
might request. And it was signed By Himmler for the fuhrer.

“I will need a small building and a staff complement and need all the
investigation reports on any and all “unexplained” acts of sabotages within
France. I will be gone for three days make sure everything is ready on my return.
Heil Hitler!” He turned and left.

The Major returned the salute and completely at a loss watch the Colonel leave.

A few hours later he had a report on the Colonel, after discreet enquiries.

The Colonel had been busy, he had solved sabotages in nearly all german theater of operations.
His methods were efficient if unconventional. But the results are there.
sabotage was reduced to nil after he enters an area.

Upon his return he found a small 3 story building had been commandeered and evacuated
for his use. He took the third floor and made it his office and apartment.
two days later his team of analyst arrived as well as his team of interrogators.

He put the analyst to work on the pile of reports, there was no need to
tell them anything they knew what to do.

In the basement he had holding cells built and interrogation rooms equipped
with the latest in torture and other instrument of persuasions where brought
in and installed by the interrogators and technicians.

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