The Saboteur PT2

He had a simple but effective strategy, roaming about, taking action, moving on. It was by far
the safest way to operate. The weak links were the drop zones and safe houses those were known
by others who could possibly betray them under torture.

No one can tell how they will react under torture and the Nazi had taken lessons from the history
of torture through the ages. Brave man have cracked and cowards have stayed silent even
when tortured to death. Just no way of telling until it happens and he fervently hoped it would
never come to that. Thats why he had a cyanide pill hidden…

He drove until morning then pulled into a village for breakfast. He found a little restaurant near
a railway yard and chose a seat by the window. Eggs and coffee was just what he needed
to keep his energy up. He picked up a local paper to read while he waited for his breakfast.

On page two was a small article about the SS headquarter explosion with a slight exaggeration
of the number of dead. He had no way of knowing if it was true or not, all that matter was the
mission succeeded that region will be chaos for the German until they can recover the chain of
command. Not to mention those destroyed files will save countless lives.

Just then two railway workers came in and sat at the table next to his. They loudly greeted the
owner with the familiarity of those who are regulars. He looked over at them, smiled and nodded,
and they returned his greeting and he returned to his paper.

His breakfast arrived and he began eating seemingly engrossed by the reading. When in fact
something the man said caught his ear and he was listening.

“I wish they would move that train out of here!”

“Which? Number 76? The munition train?”

“Yeah, that train gives me the creep! Fifty boxcar of munitions and explosives! If that train goes
the whole village will go with it!”

“Don’t fret, the station master told me it’s moving out at 2 am going to the coast at Pas de Calais.”

“Good riddance we got enough to worry about as it is!”

He finished his meal, folded the paper and offered it to the next table
and went over to the counter to pay for his meal. He left and drove to
the next gas station where he did a fill up and bought a map of the area.

He drove out of the village and found a secluded spot where he unfurled
the map. He found the railway yard and the train would have to go south.
Only two tracks led south, he followed the tracks on the map and one turned
west. So that left but one.

He followed that one on the map, unfortunately the map wa not detailed enough.
He did notice a road running parallel with the track so he headed that way.
He followed the road for about twenty miles when the track entered a tunnel.
He kept following the road the exit was about a quarter-mile later. Again he
looked at the map, the nearest village was about 50 miles further.

He turned back and drove to the first side road from the tunnel entrance
and pulled over and drove on that road for a while. It was a rough road
overgrown with weeds and obviously had not been travelled on for some time.

He over took a rise and came to a little valley he was hidden from the road.
he shut the engine off and put the seat down and slept. He dreamed he was
on the mountain in Montreal with squirrel scurrying about ceaselessly
gathering and hiding food.

He slept well and did not awoke until evening had come, the sun had almost set.
He went to the trunk of the car and open his suitcase and took out a black shirt
black pants a black ski mask and black leather gloves and changed.

He waited till about 1am then with binocular he observed the entrance of the tunnel.
At about one thirty a car came along slowly and stopped at the entrance
two soldier came out with flash light and entered the tunnel.

They came out again after what seems to be ages to him, they got in the car
and moved on. They drove slowly a light shinning on the side of the road
looking for anything suspicious the car disappeared in the distance.

He put the gloves and ski mask on and made his way to the tunnel. He found
an alcove about a third of the way down He reached in the bag hanging
at his side looked at his watch,ten past two the train will be coming any
minute. Swiftly he set the charges for ten minutes there was three of them.

He could hear the train now so he took the first charge and waited. He wedged
in the alcove as deep as he could and waited the locomotive passed him.
In an infernal noise as the first box car was in front of him, he armed
the charge and quickly stuck it to the car.

He took the second charges and counted ten boxcar and attached the charge.
Then he took the last charge counted 20 cars and again attached the charges.
To his horror the charge failed to stick and fell to the ground.

He sneaked down, and was so close to the train but he managed to pick it up
again he placed it on the box car, he was sweating by now, but the charge held.
He waited for the train to leave the tunnel before he moved out .

He made his way to the small road got in his car and with no headlights drove back
toward the village to the main highway and drove out of the area.


As he was driving he laughed “That will put a dent in their activities”
He saw a sign for a county Inn and decided to stop there for a while.
He had been lucky this far but he better lay low for a few days.

The Inn was modest and he got an “end of season” discount. He rented a
small cottage for 4 days and 5 nights. The lady was very pleasant, in fact,
he got the distinct impression she was flirting with him.

“I know it’s late, but is possible to get some bread and cheese and perhaps
some wine?” He asked putting on what he hoped would be his friendliest smile.

“You just go and get settled and I will bring you something in a few minutes”

He thanked her, took his key, and drove over to cottage Two.

He unpacked his suitcase, placed a book and his clock by the bed.

A few minute later there was a gentle knock at the door.

he let her in, and she said;

“There you go Monsieur, this is a local goat cheese better than anything
you can find in the finest shop of Paris, I baked the bread myself so it
is fresh. Come, come, sit down.”

He sat at the small table by the window, she kept on talking as he did.

“You know, I was in Paris just last month, those blasted Germans are
ruining that beautiful city! By God I swear those barbarians have no
concept of courtesy and decency!”

She had been right the cheese was excellent and the bread sinfully delicious.
He poured some wine and offered her some. She gave him a beaming smile saying;

“Don’t mind if I do.” She quickly sat down and accepted the glass.

There had been only one glass, so he drank straight from the bottle.
The window was open and through the meshing he could see the moon being
reflected on the lake. The night was warm and he felt like being near
the water.

With his belly full and the relaxing effect of the wine he felt good.

“Would you like to join me for a walk?” He said as he got up.

“Sure…sounds like fun” She was smiling but he could see she was disappointed.
he took her hand and helped her up. More by chivalry than need.

She kept her hand in his and he did not let go. They walked to the edge of the lake
it was beautiful. The sounds of the night around them. The moonlight waters
it was a beautiful and relaxing sight. He breathed deeply as they walked slowly
filling his lungs with the clean air and his soul with the freedom of the moment.

“I am sorry, what hs your name?” He asked looking into her eyes.

“Madeleine, but call me Mado” She said softly.

There, this time he saw it, this yearning looking back at him.

Reaching up to her he kissed her and she responded with passion.
It was a passionate kiss and a tight embrace, they clung to each other.
Feeling the magic of the moment and not wishing it to end, a kiss to take
them to eternity.

Their hand began exploring each others through the fabrics, their respiration
becoming more labored as their excitement built up to a near frenzy. His fingers
nimbly undid the button of her dress as she undid his belt buckle. Her dress
slipped off her shoulder as his pant fell to the ground.

All reality ceased to exist, the war, the world itself!

All that existed was their lust for each other. The irresistible
pulsing of their blood, the carnal necessity from which they could
not and would not want to escape.

They frantically explored each other’s body tasting the saltness of each others
sweat as if a nectar offered them by the great god Eros himself. They made love,
in a mad fury of emotional ebb and flow, animatistic and almost savagely
their body intertwined in convulsive passion.

They offered their rapturous embrace to the stars and the moon was their
witness. They indulged in their frenzy until the early glow of morning found
them laying in each others arms spent, satiated and contented.

Two days later, he accompanied her to town to do some shopping. While
she went to look at dresses he decided to walk over to the kiosk to purchase
a newspaper. They were thin, paper being rationed as everything else.
He was examining the headlines when all of a sudden soldiers surrounded the

They had become very efficient at kidnapping people off the street.
Cold and effective, they cordon off an area by coming in from neighboring
streets pushing everyone at gunpoint until they were all surrounded.

He quickly looked around looking for a place to hide some way of escaping.
It was hopeless he was trapped. They were all shoved onto military transport
trucks. As they drove away, he saw her coming out of the dress shop.

She looked around then saw the soldiers taking people. she ducked back into the shop.
He doubt she had seen him at this distance with all the others around.
At least she was safe, which is more than he could say for himself.

He felt the anxiety and apprehension normal in this situation but his
training had prepared him for it. He distinctly remembered what the trainer
had taught him. He could still hear that voice in his head saying;

“Those are normal feeling that are part of your survival instinct, don’t
try to fight them just accept them. Focus on what is around you and concentrate
and be ready to grab an opportunity to get away.”

With nothing else to be done, he relaxed, as much as he could in his situation.
“Be sharp, stay alive, be ready!” He repeated it as a mantra as he sat in the
crowded truck. Most where silent, some were sobbing other praying.

They drove into a sport arena where tables were set up and everyone would be
processed, catalogued, interrogated. The soldier told them to form lines in
front of the tables. He noticed it took about 10 minutes to process each
man and judging by the the amount of people he would be in line for about
two hours.

He noticed that the men where placed in three different enclaves of fencing
and surrounded with barbed one of the table he could see something
was going on the man was obviously pleading with a young corporal.

He caught part of the conversation.”But I am a doctor, I have patient waiting
for surgery at the clinic. Then the soldier said something he could not hear
The surgeon kept on pleading he took his arm and marched him toward the
enclosure before the man stopped to plead his case.

A captain came over and asked “Is there a problem corporal?”

“Well this man…”

The Captain took is side arm Luger and shot the pleading man.Then he
shot him another time as he laid on the ground. He looked at the corporal
and as he put away his sidearm he told the corporal;

“Problem solved! Remember how it’s done” and he walked back to the table.
The stadium was so quiet you could hear the sounds of insects.

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